Matsushima Entsuuin Garden Autumn colors light up 2011 | Miyagi Prefecture Japan

2011年 日本三景松島 円通院 紅葉ライトアップ|宮城県松島町

The autumn leaves are lit up at Entsuin Garden in Nihon Sankei Matsushima, a popular tourist spot in Japan.The Entsu-in Garden in Matsushima town, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture Japan has a stone garden centered on a pond of Shinji, where the autumn leaves are beautiful and reflected like a mirror.
In this garden you can enjoy the spectacular sight of the trees, which are colored red and yellow.

Scenery of Matsushima Entsuin Garden, Japan’s Three Scenic Views Matsushima

Matsushima Autumn Leaves Light Up 2011
Location:Entsuuin in Matsushima town, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture Japan
Schedule:October 29-November 23, 2011
Holding time:17:30~21:00

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