111th Nagano Ebisukou fireworks Festival 2016 | Nagano, Nagano japan

2016年 長野えびす講煙火大会 | 長野県長野市

This is a video of the 111th Nagano Ebisukou fireworks Festival held in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture Japan on November 23, 2016.
It is a festival that originated from the launch of fireworks to express gratitude and sincerity to the God of Ebisu and to boost the economy of the Ebisukou lecture at the festival of Nishinomiya Shrine located in Ganzeki-cho, Nagano City. This fireworks display will be held on November 23, which is rare in Japan, around late autumn.
There will be a All Japan 12 inch shells new fireworks contest where fireworks artists selected from all over Japan will launch new fireworks this year and compete for beauty, and a music star mine fireworks show will be held to launch fireworks to music under computer control.
In addition, more than 10,000 beautiful large flowers that color the clear night sky in late autumn, such as the oversized wide star mine that launches fireworks with a width of 800 meters, will be launched.

Music Star mine by Shinsyu Fireworks

Music Star mine by Beniya Aoki Fireworks

Opening Individual sponsorship oversized star mine

Xanadu 12 inch & Size 8 & Size 7 shells 111 shots

Yokai Watch Hanabi

Size 8 shells 100 shots Grand wide Star mine fireworks

All Japan 12 inch shells New Fireworks Contest
1.Flower light in the blue sky/Chikuhoku Kako Horigome Fireworks
2.Pure white bouquet/Ina Kako Horiuchi Fireworks
3.Raising dahlia/Kikuya Obata Fireworks
4.Five-colored shining brocade the final sparkle of drops/Hosoya Enterprizes
5.Golden Big flower
6.Rising Double Pistils Rainball/Saiki Fireworks
7.Fresh green ~ Glittering flowers ~/Niigata Fireworks
8.Rising quintuplicate pistils Pole of the chrysanthemum/Shinohara Fireworks
9.Phantom flower of light/Ikebun
10.Dream flower/Yamauchi Fireworks
11.One flower/Sekijima Fireworks
12.Double-flowered flowers in early summer/Kanno Fireworks
13.Chrysanthemum checkered A pattern/Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks
14.Flower of hope/Taiyodo Tamura Fireworks
15.Flowers shining in turquoise/Omagari Fireworks chemistry

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