Snow Scenery&E6 Series Akita Shinkansen Running

雪と秋田新幹線 E6系&E3系 こまちの走行風景

This is the E6 series and the E3 series of the Akita Shinkansen bullet train that runs Ou honsen line and Tazawako line in Akita Japan.By the Mini Shinkansen system which does not newly construct a railway line of the Shinkansen bullet train, Omagari station runs from the Morioka Station on the Tazawako Line, and from Omagari station to Akita station it is traveling on a conventional line section using the Ou honsen line(Ou Main Line).
The opening of the Akita Shinkansen was in 1997, at that time it began commercial operation at the E3 Series in the beginning, and the Tohoku Shinkansen was running with the 200 series and the E2 series connected.
After that, it will be necessary to realize a 320 km/h run on the Tohoku Shinkansen E5 series and a new type bullet train that can be connected even on the Akita Shinkansen.The E6 Series Bullet train debuted on March 16, 2013 in the form of replacing the existing E3 series.

Snow Scenery&E6 Series Akita Shinkansen Running

Japanese Bullet Train of Akita Shinkansen

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  1. 2015年 大曲の花火 第89回 全国花火競技大会 | 秋田県大仙市

    Omagari no Hanabi 2015 89th All Japan National Fireworks Competition | Daisen City Akita Prefecture Japan

  2. 秋田空港 除雪隊 雪戦隊なまはげと全日本空輸 ボーイング 787-8 JA819Aの離陸

    Snow Removal and ANA Boeing 787-8 JA819A take off from Akita Airport

  3. 秋田空港 2機連続での旅客機離着陸 JALエクスプレス ボーイング737

    2 Aircraft landing & Take off at Akita Airport | JAL Boeing 737 ERJ-170

  4. 日本の夕陽百選 男鹿半島 入道崎の風景

    Top 100 sunsets in Japan Scenery of Nyudozaki, Oga Peninsula | Oga City, Akita Prefecture Japan

  5. 冬の秋田空港 全日本空輸 ボーイング787-8 ドリームライナーの離着陸 JA821A JA809A

    ANA Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner JA821A JA809A Landing & Take off at Akita airport in Winter

  6. 秋田空港 ANA ボーイング777-200 JA704A & 日本航空 ボーイング737-800 JA327Jの着陸

    ANA Boeing 777-200 JA704A & JAL Boeing 737-800 JA327J Landing to Akita Airport

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