E3 Series all Train retired from the Akita Shinkansen

全車両引退 秋田新幹線 E3系0番台 ありがとう こまち 最後の冬

This is the video of the Japanese Bullet Train E3 Series Komachi where all the trains retired from the Akita Shinkansen.
The E3 series debuted as a train for the Akita Shinkansen which opened in 1997 is a “Mini Shinkansen” whose body width is narrower than the ordinary Shinkansen for running conventional lines.Komachi was adopted from the result of public offering for the name of this train.After that, in order to cope with the Tohoku Shinkansen’s 320 km/h, and retire all the Shinkansen E3 trains on March 15, 2014 by sequentially replacing with the new Bullet train E6 series.

E3 Series all Train retired from the Akita Shinkansen

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