Nikon D7500×ATOMOS NINJA FLAME Picture Control:Flat&Graded

ニコンD7500×ATOMOS NINJA FLAME ピクチャーコントロール フラット テスト

Nikon D7500×ATOMOS NINJA FLAME Picture Control:Flat&Graded

The airplane take-off and landing scene at Sendai Airport was recorded on a 4K external recorder, ATOMOS NINJA FLAME, with a picture control of Nikon D7500: Flat.
In the first half, videos taken in flat and color-graded images are alternately inserted and compared, but from 0: 39 only images that are color-graded are used.
I had no plans to use the Nikon D7500 for moving images, but it had no problem at all, except that I was concerned about the blurring of the VR lens and the rolling shutter phenomenon.
High sensitivity recording performance can not be evaluated because it does not use a picture control other than flat, but with flat, noise is strong even at ISO 6400.
Since the sensor is an APS-C, the focal length is 1.5 times and 1.5K crop is taken when shooting with 4K, so it is about 675 mm in 35 mm conversion.


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