I overclocked my personal computer CPU Intel Core i7 920 from the rated to 3.8GHZ.

自作パソコンのCPU Intel Core i7 920を定格から3.8GHZにオーバークロックしてみた。

I overclocked the CPU Intel CORE i7 920 mounted on my own personal computer made in 2010 from the rated 2660MHz to 3800MHz.The previous time, 3.7GHz was the limit value that can be used regularly, but since it became stable during use, I raised the clock frequency to 3.8GHz.

intel core i7 920 2.6GHz to 3.8Ghz Over clocking

I think the difficulty of overclocking lies in the voltage settings and memory settings rather than increasing the clock frequency.
I adjusted it more manually than when I used it at 3.7GHz last time.

The hardware configuration looks like this.

CPU Intel Core i7 920 Over clocking 2660MHz to 3800Mhz
Case:Antec Nine hundred AB
MB:ASUS P6T Deluxe
CPU:intel Core i7 920
RAM:corsair 2GB×3-1GB×3
HDD:RAID 10 seagate 500GB×4 SATA

Verification of encoding speed with Intel Core i7 920 overclocking CPU

I think that the difference in performance depending on the clock frequency is a concern when the CPU is clocked up, but this video compares the video encoding time.
Although it was a short time measurement, better results were obtained than expected.

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