Sakata Fireworks Show

2010年 酒田花火ショー|打ち上げ総数12,000発の花火!|山形県酒田市

Sakata Fireworks Show

2010 Sakata Fireworks Show | Sakata City Yamagata Prefecture Japan


2010 Sakata Fireworks Show Date: August 7, 2010 19: 30 ~ 21: 00 Location: Mogami River Park, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture Japan Organizer: Sakata Tourism Products Association Pyrotechnist: Ikebun and others Launch quantity: 12,000 Official website:Sakata Tourism Product Association 2010 Sakata Fireworks Show Part 4: Sakata Monogatari "Snow"-White World Covering Mountains-Part 2 All Japan pyrotechnist selections 24 inch shells collection in Sakata Fireworks show 2010 This is a program where famous pyrotechnist from all over the country gather in Sakata, and beautiful and artistic 24 inch fireworks shells hit the night sky one after another. Nagano Beniya Aoki Fireworks Yamagata Andoh fireworks ...

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