Cattyman Jareneko LED nyandaro Ray

ドギーマン じゃれ猫 LEDにゃんだろー光線

Introducing a video of Cattyman Jareneko LED nyandaro Ray, which is commercially available as pet goods for cats.
It is a convenient and fun pet item that allows the cat to play without moving by projecting the beam emitted from the main body onto the wall.

Cattyman Jareneko LED nyandaro Ray

If it is not a bright place such as a living room, there is enough luminosity to be able to project light from the second floor to the first floor.However, unless you keep hitting the beam in the cat’s eyes for a long time, it seems to be OK.
It is sold by a manufacturer called Cattyman, but it is a brand developed by a long-established Doggyman who sells pet food and goods, so it seems safe in that regard.

It’s a bit disappointing that the operating owner has to keep pressing the switch because the switch is not fixed.However, it is a very useful pet item as an item that can stimulate the interest of cats without moving the body.

キャティーマン (CattyMan) じゃれ猫 LEDにゃんだろー光線

いいね ! しよう


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