Feeding pets automatically LUSMO, a convenient automatic feeder


Do you have trouble with feeding dogs and cats at home where you are often away?
There are ways to prepare food for a few days, but cats, especially those who have lived at home, cannot consume the ingredients available from their diet.You need to fix the amount of time you eat and allow time for the urinary pH to calm down, so as not to strain the kidneys and bladder.

Some cats in our house have eaten a few days of food and have developed kidney problems.For that reason, I purchased LUSMO Pet Food Auto Feeder (automatic feeder) sold by Relenti Co., Ltd. to stabilize my physical condition.

This product is a cordless specification that runs on four batteries, but can automatically discharge food up to three times a day.

The amount of pet food that is discharged at one time is a very convenient pet item that can be freely controlled from 5g to 80g according to the size of the pet and the amount of food.

A cat pleased with the food that came out of the automatic feeder LUSMO

The sound at the time of bait discharge is relatively loud, but since it does not fail to eat pet food, it may be a nice feature for animals.

Cat disappointed with unexpected trouble of convenient automatic feeder LUSMO

Some commercially available pet foods are not compatible with LUSMO.
If anything, it’s a problem that sometimes happens with a large feed, but it seems that the feed gets stuck inside the machine.

It may be a very useful pet item for those who are away from home and who are spending time with pets who need to manage their physical condition.

【新モデル・日本製】ルスモ ペットフード・オートフィーダ アドバンス L-AF130 (ホワイト&フロスティーブルー) 自動給餌器 猫 犬

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