Photo and video shooting business

With the spread of coronavirus infections, there are increasing opportunities for video marketing using Youtube and Nico Nico Douga, and online distribution with less risk of infection.
Also, at the brass band and marching band competitions, there were more opportunities for online video screening and distribution, but I heard that the screening was done with the equipment and lenses specified, and it was difficult to select the equipment.
Based on the current situation, we also provide photography and marketing support.
We use a 6K digital film cinema camera that supports 6K RAW with up to 12bit recording. By embedding the Look Up Table adjusted in advance to the atmosphere of the venue and the color tone of the client’s preference in the video data, the video is output with a creative look full of originality.

In addition, we use a sound recorder that can save up to 6 channels and a high-quality microphone that can record the atmosphere of the venue in any arrangement. Therefore, we are recording or producing images recorded with realistic sound.

It also supports live distribution using optical fiber HDMI output, and full high-definition live broadcasting over 5G lines is also possible. Introducing a 14.8V power supply to the camera and a V-mount battery that can supply power to multiple devices, it also supports long-term shooting.

If data is handed over after editing such as color correction using dedicated software, or unedited video that complies with the examination rules and conditions is required, it will be recorded in a format that can be read by consumer playback software. The recorded video can be transferred in 4K or full high-definition on the spot.

In addition to USB memory and external storage, we have built our own 200GB online storage that supports SSL encrypted communication. Therefore, it is possible to safely transfer files without relying on an external file transfer service that can be used by an unspecified number of users. (Up to 2GB per file)

It is important to keep in mind to produce beautiful images that continue to stick to realistic sounds and faithful colors, not just editing cuts and editing with telops.

Video shooting equipment

  • Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
  • Sony full size mirrorless camera A7S
  • Canon XA10
  • Nikon D7500
  • External recorder ATOMOS NINJA ASSASSIN
  • External recording media Delkin Devices 1TB Juggler USB 3.2 Type-C Cinema SSD
  • Supports lenses from 15mm to 650mm in 35mm equivalent
  • Sony NP-F970×7 batteries
  • ANDYCINE V-mount battery adapter

Audio recording equipment

  • Stereo pair microphone MXL CR21 PAIR
  • Field recorder ZOOM H4n
  • Field recorder ZOOM H6
  • XLR cable 7.6m + 3.1m & mini XLR cable 0.75m
  • 3.5mm stereo cable 5m

Tripod & 3-axis stabilizer

  • Gitzo Systematic Tripod Type 5 6-Stage Giant
  • Manfrotto Video Kit Twin MS Type 546BK
  • Sachtler 75mm diameter head FSB series FSB8
  • Three axis stabilizer DJI RONIN S

Editing equipment & software
BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve

  • Self-made water-cooled Windows PC with Intel Core i7 8700 (ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F / 64GB RAM / 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD / Geforce RTX2070 Super / 11 HDD drives)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere Pro / After Effects / Photoshop / Lightroom / Media Encoder / Audition)
  • Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve Studio
  • Third Party Plugin (Noise Reduction Neat Video / Photo Editing Luminar4)

Live broadcasting equipment

  • DynaBook R73/A CPU and RAM replacement 250GB 2.5 inch SSD
  • Fiber optic HDMI cable 61m
  • Portable power supply M-WORKS MW-PP222

Video output format

  • Data transfer on the spot ・ 4K DCI ・ 4K ULTRA HD ・ Full high-definition resolution, recorded with Apple Prores HQ ・ 444 ・ LT ・ PROXY
  • Data delivery after editing ・ After recording with 12bit 6K RAW or 10bit 4K Prores, it will be delivered after conversion to many readable formats such as Prores, DNxHR, H.264, H.265, etc.
  • Live distribution & HDMI output conforms to the distribution format of distribution software. And simultaneous recording with up to 12bit 6K RAW is also possible

Night video shooting with a wide-angle lens

Nighttime video shooting using a 3-axis gimbal


Shooting in a bright place using a super-telephoto lens

6K RAW Film Gamma image with color correction

Insert fashionable music
We can also produce PR videos of tourist attractions or facilities created by combining abundant music materials with music that matches the image, so please feel free to contact us. As for music, we have more than 1000 music materials licensed from Japan and abroad, not music materials downloaded for free, and you can freely select music that suits your image and length.

HD 4K video shooting

1 hour HD 35,000 yen ~ 4K 50,000 yen ~
1 hour additional 10,000 Yen ~
Transportation fee is free up to 50km

resolution Codec Maximum frame rate
4K DCI 4096×2160 Apple Preres 60fps
Ultra HD 3840×2160 Apple Prores 60fps
HD 1920×1080 Apple Prores 120fps

When recording with Apple Prores, it is recorded corresponding to each codec of HQ 422 LT Proxy according to the file size limit.

When recording, use Video, Extended Video, or 3D LUT, which has a low dynamic range.


2.8K-6K RAW shooting

1 hour from 130,000 yen
1 hour additional 10,000 yen ~
Free transportation up to 50km

resolution Codec Maximum frame rate
6K 6144×3456 Blackmagic RAW 50fps
6K 2.4:1 6144×2560 Blackmagic RAW 60fps
5.7K 17:9 5744×3024 Blackmagic RAW 60fps
4K DCI 4096×2160 Blackmagic RAW 60fps
3.7K Anamorphic 3728×3104 Blackmagic RAW 60fps
2.8K 17:9 2868×1512 Blackmagic RAW 120fps

After recording with a high dynamic range of 13 stops, the data will be handed over after color tone correction with dedicated software.

At the time of contract, we also issue a business consignment contract.

Unless otherwise stated, the contract details are clarified based on the outsourcing contract for photography and video shooting.

Sample of outsourcing contract for video shooting

* The outsourcing contract for video shooting shown is a sample and cannot be used.
Business consignment contract sample related to video shooting Sample

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