About business contents and request method

Adoption of a cinema camera capable of recording in 6K RAW
We use a BlackMagic Design Pocket cinema camera equipped with a digital film sensor capable of recording at 6K high resolution to shoot cinema-like high-definition video.
It also records with 12bit Blackmagic RAW, which has 4096 gradations of smooth color reproduction and can record in a high dynamic range of 13 stops that maintains more detail even when shooting in places with large contrasts.

Video editing & color grading
Digital film images recorded with a wide dynamic range and rich gradation are color-graded, cut-edited, and text-inserted all at once using the post-production solution that is also used in Hollywood movies.
In addition, it is possible to export in various formats that support up to 12 bits.

Shooting high-quality sound images that can be recorded on up to 6 channels
Audio is recorded using a field recorder capable of recording with up to 6 channels of 96KHz / 24bit and a directional pair microphone driven by phantom power. We also produce images recorded with high-quality sound with a sense of realism by arranging various microphones such as A-B, X-Y, M / S, ORTF, and multi-channel.
At the marching band tournament, which was video-judged to prevent the spread of corona infection, we participated in the national tournament with our filming.

Live internet broadcast using 5G line
It also supports Internet live distribution and recording distribution that deliver the real-time presence of the local area to viewers from platforms such as YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, and FaceBook.
Live broadcast with a creative look full of originality by embedding a LUT (Look Up Table) in the video shot with a high dynamic range of 13 stops.In addition, LUT can be produced before the start of distribution while checking the color tone and contrast of the output video on site.

感動するほど美しい桜の名所 弘前公園の風景と幻想的な夜桜ライトアップ | 青森県弘前市

Business that provides videos and photos
We also provide videos and photos that can be used for TV shows and corporate promotions.
It supports various file formats such as Apple Prores, H.265, and H.264, and can be used when shooting is difficult due to weather conditions or when it is difficult to move due to corona damage.

* From November 2021, the service will be fully charged, and you will be able to agree to the terms of use and conditionally postpay.