Azalea Flower Mountain of Minami-sanriku Mt. Tatsugane | Minamisanriku, Miyagi Japan

南三陸町の初夏の風景 田束山を真っ赤に染め上げるツツジの群生 | 宮城県南三陸町

This video shows the scenery of azaleas blooming on Mt. Tatsuganesan, which straddles Kesennuma City and Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan, and the scenery of the Sanriku Coast.
Tatsuganesan is a mountain with an altitude of 512 meters that was worshiped by Mr. Fujiwara Oshu, who built a golden culture in Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture Japan.
In addition to the many sutra mounds and other ruins, the remains of Jakukoji Temple, which is said to have been built by Hidehira Fujiwara, are left behind.
In addition, there is a history of gathering people’s worship as a sacred mountain of mountain worship and using it as a place of training for many monks from ancient times.
Every May, a group of azaleas that dye the entire mountain red is in full bloom, and it is also popular as a flower spot visited by tourists from inside and outside the prefecture.
You can also see the beautiful scenery of the Minamisanriku coast from the vicinity of the mountaintop.

Azalea Flower Mountain of Minami-sanriku Mt. Tatsugane

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