Entsuuin Garden Autumn Leaves Light Up | Matsushima, Miyagi japan

日本三景松島 円通院庭園 紅葉ライトアップ 2016 | 宮城県松島町

This is a video of the autumn leaves lit up at the Entsuin Garden, which is highly evaluated by tourists from all over Japan, even in Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan.
Entsuin, a temple of the Rinzai sect Myoshinji school whose main mountain is Myoshinji Temple in Kyoto, built the Sankeiden, the mausoleum of Mitsumune, in 1646, the grandson of Date Masamune, the lord of the Sendai lord. It is said that Entsuin was built the following year.
At Sankeiden, the Western roses and daffodils that symbolize Europe visited by Hasekura Tsunenaga, who was dispatched as the Keicho Mission to Europe at the behest of Masamune, are drawn everywhere in the West. Since the rose garden was created in connection with it, it has come to be called the Rose Temple.
Entsuin has a large garden that incorporates the style of Japanese gardens such as dry landscape gardens and pond-style gardens, and you can stroll along the promenade while feeling the beautiful scenery that changes with the four seasons.
In particular, the autumn leaves are lit up so beautifully that tourists from all over Japan come every day to see the fantastically illuminated red and yellow trees.

Entsuuin Garden Autumn Leaves Light Up

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