Oga Aquarium GAO Tourist attraction reproducing the sea of Oga | Oga City, Akita Prefecture Japan

秋田県男鹿市 男鹿水族館GAO

This is a video of the Oga Aquarium GAO, a tourist facility in Oga City, Akita Prefecture Japan.An aquarium with a water volume of 800 tons that reproduces the beautiful Oga sea facing the Sea of Japan displays 2,000 aquatic organisms of about 40 species.
A large number of creatures, such as the sea fish from Japan and the world, such as the Japanese sandfish, which is a local fish in Akita, are exhibited indoors.

Oga Aquarium GAO Large tank that reproduces the sea of Oga!
In addition to the breeding display of the polar bear, the largest carnivorous animal on land, there are also many local creatures unique to Akita, such as fish living in the forests and lakes of Akita and fish caught in local Akita.
At the on-site restaurant, you can enjoy a meal that takes advantage of the seasonal tastes of Oga and Akita while looking out over the rough Oga Sea.
If you visit Oga on a trip, this is a must-visit place.

Video taken at: Oga Aquarium GAO, Oga City, Akita Prefecture
Date: February 2012

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