Night view of Sendai Airport, Peach Aviation Airbus A320-200 Take off

仙台空港の夜景とピーチ・アビエーション エアバスA320-200の離陸 | 宮城県名取市

The night view of Sendai Airport with beautiful runway lights and the takeoff of Peach Aviation Airbus A320-200.I didn’t know the aircraft code because I shot it at night, but the night view of the airport like the illuminations seen from the RWY27 endpoint along the Teizan Canal, which is a popular shooting spot at Sendai Airport, was very beautiful.

Night view of Sendai Airport, Peach Aviation Airbus A320-200 Take off

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    Airliners Landing & Take off at Sendai Airport. Beautiful Twilight after the Typhoon

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