Blue Pond in Lake Juni | UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shirakami-Sanchi | Fukaura, Aomori Japan

青い湖面が美しい青池と世界自然遺産、白神山地・十二湖の美しい風景 | 青森県深浦町

This is an video of Lake Juniko(十二湖) in the Shirakami Mountains, which consists of multiple lakes such as Lake Aoike, which has a beautiful cobalt blue surface.
Juniko is the name of a group of lakes located in Fukaura Town, Nishitsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture Japan.
Along with Yakushima, it is located in a corner of the Shirakami Mountains, which was registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site for the first time in Japan in December 1993.
It is estimated that these lakes were formed when the river was blocked when the collapsed mountain at an altitude of 939.9 m collapsed in the Noshiro earthquake that occurred in 1704.
It is said that when you look at the scenery of the lakes from the “Okuzure” located at the 8th station of this mountain, you can see twelve lakes, so it is said to have come to be called “Juniko(Lake Juni or Twelve lake)”.
There are actually 33 lakes, but to see all the lakes you have to walk a considerable distance, and the longest course takes more than 5 hours on foot.
There are multiple trekking and hiking trails set according to the difficulty level, but each course has a gentle walking path.
The Aoike / Wakitsubo course, which is a short distance, is a course where even beginners who visit in light clothing can fully enjoy nature.

Blue Pond in Lake Juni | UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shirakami-Sanchi


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