Night View of Sendai City from Sendai Castle ruins | Sendai, Miyagi japan

夜景名所 宮城・仙台城跡(青葉城址) | 宮城県仙台市

The observatory of Sendai Castle Ruins (Aoba Castle Honmaru Ruins) in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan is a popular tourist attraction that is also known as a night view award and a shooting spot. At the site of the Sendai Castle Ruins, there is the Honmaru Kaikan, which has an exhibition hall for Aoba Castle materials, a restaurant, and a store. There is a chargeable parking lot during the day, but since the parking lot is free after 18:00, you can freely enter and enjoy the beautiful night view that Sendai is proud of.

Night View of Sendai City from Sendai Castle ruins


  1. 2017年 第3回楽天イーグルス花火大会「羽ばたけ楽天イーグルス」| 宮城県仙台市

    Rakuten Eagles Fireworks Festival 2017 | Sendai, Miyagi Japan

  2. 日本三大イルミネーション あしかがフラワーパーク 光の花の庭 2020 | 栃木県足利市

    Christmas Lights in Ashikaga Flower Park 2020 | Ashikaga, Tochigi Japan

  3. 滑走路の夜景が美しい仙台空港 飛行機着陸映像 | 宮城県名取市

    Night Plane Spotting at Sendai Airport | Natori, Miyagi Japan

  4. 全日本空輸創立60周年記念塗装「ゆめジェット~You&me~」が仙台空港で離着陸

    ANA BOEING 767-300 JA8674 YUME JET~You&Me~ Landing & Take off at Sendai Airport

  5. 2014年 神戸ルミナリエ「神戸 夢と光」| 兵庫県神戸市

    2014 Kobe Luminarie “Kobe Dream and Light” | Kobe, Hyogo Japan

  6. 仙台空港にニューギニア航空の飛行機がテクラン!

    Air Niugini Bombardier DHC-8-Q400(Dash8) P2-PXR lands on Sendai Airport during delivery flight

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