ANA Wings Bombardier DHC8-400 Take off&Landing at Akita Airport

秋田空港 ANAウィングス ボンバルディアDHC-8-Q400の離着陸

ANA Wings Bombardier DHC8-Q400 Landing&Take off at Akita Airport.DHC 8-Q400 is a passenger aircraft equipped with a twin turbo prop engine developed by De Havilland Canada of Canada, but it continues to develop even after it was acquired by Bombardier.The DHC 8-Q series has a new system that reduces noise by generating vibration that is opposite to the sound and vibration picked up by the microphone.

ANA Wings Bombardier DHC8-400 Take off&Landing at Akita Airport

Airport&Runway:Akita Airport Japan.(AXT/RJSK) R/W10/28
Airline:ANA wings(EH/AKX)
Aircraft:Bombardier DHC-8-400(DHC-8-402Q Dash8)
registration:JA857A JA460A JA859A JA851A

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