Takeoff of ANA Gold Jet Boeing 737-700 | Sendai Airport in Japan

ANAゴールドジェット ボーイング737-700の離陸

The first and second Boeing 737-700s, introduced by the ANA Group in November 2005, have the blue lines, which are ANA’s corporate colors, painted in gold.
This is painted in gold in the image of gold shachihoko of Nagoya Castle to commemorate the opening of the port of Chubu Centrair International Airport, which opened in the same year.The specially painted JA01AN and JA02AN were named Gold Jet.

ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 737-700 JA02AN Gold Jet Takeoff

All Nippon Airways Boeing 737-700 Gold Jet Take off from Sendai Airport

The first-generation 737 Original and the second-generation 737 Classic have been the mainstays to date and have been the best-selling passenger aircraft manufactured by Boeing.
The third-generation Boeing 737 Next Generation 737-700 was delivered to All Nippon Airways in November 2005.
The Next Generation is a Boeing 737 series aircraft with a number from 700 to 900, and ANA operates the Boeing 737-700 first.

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