American Airlines Boeing 777 Landing & Take off at Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport

成田国際空港 アメリカン航空の飛行機離着陸映像

World’s Plane of American Airlines Boeing 777 Landing and take off at Tokyo Narita International Airport in Japan. American Airlines has adopted a transparent coating on the surface of an aluminum alloy called polished skin since 1968. However, since 2013, the entire aircraft is painted in silver, with the vertical stabilizer painted with the image of the stars and stripes, which is the flag of the United States of America. In this video, we recorded both new and old aircraft colors.

American Airlines Boeing 777 Landing & Take off at Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport

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  1. 成田国際空港 超巨大飛行機 ルフトハンザドイツ航空 エアバスA380の着陸

    Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 D-AIMJ Landing to Tokyo Narita International Airport

  2. NCA日本貨物航空のボーイング747-400F JA04KZが成田国際空港に着陸

    Nippon Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-400F Green Freighter Landing to Narita International Airport

  3. C11形蒸気機関車 SL C11-325 SL石巻線100周年号

    Japanese Steam locomotive, Ishinomaki Line 100th anniversary Train

  4. 庄内空港緩衝緑地から撮影した全日本空輸のボーイング767が庄内空港から離陸する動画

    ANA BOEING 767-300 JA8285 Take off from Shonai Airport

  5. エバー航空 特別塗装機ハローキティジェット「ハッピー・ミュージック・タイム」が成田国際空港から離陸

    EVA AIR Hello Kitty Jet Happy Music Time Take off from Narita International Airport

  6. 秋田空港の滑走路除雪風景と全日本空輸ボーイング787の離陸

    Snow Removal & ANA BOEING 787-8 Take off at Akita Airport

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