Autumn Leaves Lit Up Akiu Night Museum 2020 | Sendai, Miyagi Japan

天守閣自然公園 もみじライトアップ 秋保ナイトミュージアム 2020

Autumn Leaves Lit Up Akiu Night Museum 2020

Akiu Night Museum, an autumnal foliage light-up event being held at the Tensyukaku nature park hut building ruins garden located in Akiu Onsen, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
The garden equipped with an auto campsite, hot springs, footbath, etc. is a style of Japanese garden that features a path around a pond of about 240,000 square meters consisting of Akiu stones produced in the Akiu area and ponds . The highlight here is the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, which skillfully utilizes the natural scenery. In the fall, the trees in the Koyadate ruins garden of the hut are colored red and yellow.
Especially from the latter half of October to the middle of November, the “Akiu Night Museum” will be held, which is a maple light-up event of the Tensyukaku Nature Park, which brightly colors the garden.
The trees illuminated by the light become even more colorful in the dark, and you can enjoy the moving beauty that is different from the appearance of the trees seen in the bright daytime every day during the event.


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