Akiu Otaki Waterfall in Winter | Sendai, Miyagi Japan

冬の秋保大滝 雪景色

Akiu Otaki Waterfall in Winter
Akiu Otaki is a direct waterfall with a width of 6m and a height of 55m, located in the upper reaches of the Natori River, which flows through Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
Here is a tourist attraction in the area of Zao Quasi-National Park and Prefectural Natural Park Futakuchi Gorge. This waterfall has been designated as a national scenic spot and has been selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. In addition, it may be counted as one of the three major waterfalls in Japan and the three famous waterfalls in Japan, along with “Kegon Falls” in Nikko and “Nachi Falls” in Kumano.
There are two viewpoints of Akiu Otaki, the waterfall stand and the area around the waterfall basin, both of which can be reached from the promenade that passes through Akiu Otaki Fudoson. In addition, the scenery around the waterfall is one of the highlights, and the colors of the four seasons created by nature, such as the fresh green of early summer, the autumn leaves, and the snowy landscape of winter, are also wonderful.

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