Akita Airport Airplane Shooting Spot Third Parking Lot | Akita City, Akita Prefecture Japan

ANA ボーイング767-300の離陸

This is a photograph of a passenger aircraft taken from the third parking lot at Akita Airport in Akita City, Akita Prefecture Japan.
The 3rd parking lot is a parking lot next to Akita Airport Passenger Terminal, where you can take photos and videos in a good view environment without obstacles such as fences.

秋田空港 ANAボーイング767-300
The 3rd parking lot is located where you can see the passenger terminal and apron of Akita Airport from the side, so you can see the side of the passenger aircraft entering the spot.

ANA ボーイング767-300の離陸

ANA ボーイング767-300の離陸

ANA ボーイング767-300の離陸

ANA ボーイング767-300の離陸

ANA ボーイング767-300の離陸

At Akita Airport, small-sized aircraft and medium-sized wide-body jets such as the Boeing 767-300 are in service.However, Akita Airport may be operated on an irregular schedule by passenger aircraft such as Boeing 787 and Boeing 777.

大韓航空 ボーイング737-900

大韓航空 ボーイング737-900

大韓航空 ボーイング737-900
Korean Air, Akita Airport’s only scheduled international flight, operates on Boeing 737-900.
Although it is the largest size in the Boeing 737NG series, production has been discontinued because the number of passengers is almost the same as the 737-800 due to emergency exit problems.

秋田空港 J-Air CRJ-200の離陸
At some airports, it is not possible to take pictures of taking off from the side, but at Akita Airport, which has a relatively good shooting environment, it is possible to take pictures of the moment a passenger plane takes off.
Although it is hard to say that the traffic is very high, it is a recommended spot for those who want to take pictures of aircraft with different scenery throughout the seasons.

Picture taken at: Akita Airport, Akita City, Akita Prefecture Japan
Date: July 9, 2011・September 19, 2011

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