Akita International Dahlia Garden | Akita, Akita Japan

秋田国際ダリア園 世界14カ国約700品種ものダリアが咲く東北の花の名所 | 秋田県秋田市

Akita International Dahlia Garden (秋田国際ダリア園), located in Yuwa, Akita City, Akita Prefecture Japan, is a tourist attraction with beautiful scenery of about 700 varieties of dahlia in 14 countries around the world.
Akita International Dahlia Garden was opened in 1987 by Mr. Washizawa, a world-renowned dahlia breeder, with the aim of popularizing dahlia.
This garden is a flower spot where 7,000 dahlia flowers of about 700 varieties collected from all over the world bloom on the site of about 1.2 hectares.
Of the cut flower dahlia on the market, more than half are produced at Akita International Dahlia Garden, and we also produce the NAMAHAGE dahlia series, which is an original variety of Akita prefecture.
The appearance of each dahlia variety, such as the difference in color scheme and size, is very beautiful, and the way of growing it that makes effective use of the undulations in the park is also wonderful.

Akita International Dahlia Garden


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