Akakawa Fireworks Festival 2014 | Yamagata Prefecture Japan

The 24th Akagawa Fireworks festival
Venue:Akagawa in Tsuruoka City Yamagata Prefecture Tohoku Japan
Schedule date: August 16, 2014
Holding time: 19: 15 ~ 21: 00

Dramatic Hanabi – Save the Earth – Protect the earth
Dramatic Hanabi in 2014 is a creative fireworks depicting the story of defending the Earth and beloved family from the invasion of the alien. This is a large-scale programs that combines creative fireworks and music fireworks that are easy to understand for everyone who sees this fireworks.

Simin Hanabi(wide Pyromusical) Angels&Demons
Spectacular wide music star mine fireworks display which launches fireworks in accordance with Hans Florian Zimmer composition 160 BPM of music of American movie “Angels and Demons” released in 2009, with fireworks expressing a fantastic world drawn by Angels and Demons. It was a program with very bad visibility due to the retention of smoke throughout the whole day, but the skillful production of Beniya Aoki Fireworks Co., Ltd. was amazing.

Ending Hanabi(Wide Pyromusical)Kimi ni Todoke
This is a two-part wide music star mine fireworks display that makes fireworks launch with music at ultra wide 700 meters. Synchronize with Superfly’s Ah and carry out a relaxed launch and a 24 inch fireworks shell is explosion in the last. In the second song, used Mr. Children ‘s 365 days as music, skillfully using the ground and the sky, it seemed like a beautiful fireworks musical full of 700 meters wide.

Hope of light(Kibou no Hikari) – Amazing 24 inch fireworks shells three explosions

All Japan 12 inch shells design fireworks contest
All Japan design fireworks contest is divided into two divisions of the 12-inch shell fireworks department competing for the beauty of traditional Japanese fireworks and the design fireworks division which is linked fireworks with music and the beauty is the judging criteria to hold.
In this video will introduce the section of 12 inch fireworks shells that explode to a size of 330 m in diameter.

0:00 Wabiya
0:28 Ikebun
0:50 Kikuya Obata Fireworks
1:24 Ina kakoh horiuchiu fireworks
2:02 North Japan Fireworks Omagari
2:28 Andoh fireworks
3:00 Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks
3:30 Isogai Fireworks
4:04 Taiyodo Tamura Fireworks
4:32 Yamazaki Fireworks Manufacturering
5:01 Saiki Fireworks
5:27 Yamauchi Fireworks
5:56 Shinohara Fireworks
6:26 Alpus Fireworks Industry
6:58 Beniya Aoki Fireworks
7:24 Nitta Fireworks
7:59 Nomura Fireworks Industry

Andoh Fireworks | Healing Hanabi

KannoFireworks | Tsumugu Mirai

Satoh Fireworks | Count Song of Fireworks

Wakamatsu Fireworks Manufacturering | Auld Lang Syne

Alpus Fireworks Industry | Hotaru Gatari

Shinohara Fireworks | Kira・Kira・Kirara

Marugoh | Burnin’

North Japan Fireworks | Granada ~Singing Voice of the Sun~

Taiyodo Tamura Fireworks | Danzaki Sigure Dandelion Flower

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