Air Hong kong BOEING 747-400BCF Landing to Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport

成田国際空港 エア・ホンコンのボーイング747-400BCFが着陸

World’s plane of Air Hong kong Boeing 747-400BCF B-HUS Landing to Tokyo Narita International Airport in Japan. Air Hong Kong is a Hong Kong-based freight carrier that provides chartered cargo flights and is also a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airlines. This aircraft is painted Yellow on the back of the aircraft, which is the corporate color of DHL, which is a business relationship.

Air Hong kong BOEING 747-400BCF Landing to Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport

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  1. ANA ボーイング767-300 特別塗装機ゆめジェットが仙台空港に着陸

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  6. エアブリッジ カーゴ・エアラインズのボーイング747-400Fが成田国際空港から離陸

    Air Bridge Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-400F VQ-BJB takes off from Tokyo Narita International Airport

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