SONY a7S Night Shot Low Light Test Video

ソニー製ミラーレス一眼レフカメラ α7Sの暗所撮影性能レビュー

I will evaluate video recording performance of mirrorless single lens reflex camera Sony a7S(ILCE-7S) with full size CMOS sensor released from Sony on June 20, 2014 and tested the recording performance in the low light that says this overwhelming high sensitivity of ISO 409600. The a7S debuted with a 35mm full size Exmor CMOS sensor realized the highest ISO sensitivity ISO 409600 with high sensitivity due to its high sensitivity and low noise characteristics. This is a camera that realizes full HD internal recording with all pixel readout even in internal recording, and it is also possible to record with 4K Ultra HD by using external recording equipment. I took a takeoff and landing landscape of the plane and a night view of the runway at Sendai Airport, but I will evaluate the performance of Alpha 7S I felt.

夜撮最強!ソニー製ミラーレス一眼レフカメラ α7Sの暗所撮影性能レビュー

SONY a7S Night Shot,Low Light Test – Night Plane Spotting at Sendai Airport in Japan

High sensitivity performance
Since the usual use at ISO 409600 was the amount of noise that seemed to be severe, it is better to think that the videography limit without noise reduction is about ISO 25600.

Dynamic range
It was also published in DxOMark, but the dynamic range is narrow. However, if you use CINE 1 – 4 gamma or S-Log 2 gamma of the picture profile, the dynamic range becomes considerably wide.

Sharp feeling
Since all pixels are read out, details are clear even if high sensitivity recording is done.

I think that operability at movie shooting is good except for the recording button.

Autofocus performance
It is an evaluation that is not helpful because it uses A mount lens via the mount adapter, but the movement of the focus is very slow.

Battery duration
I do not want to downsize the camera body, I wanted the battery duration to be lengthened.

I think that it is a good camera that can record amazing images only by the performance of the sensor without selecting lenses.

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