ANA’s Boeing 767-300, which was replaced with a Boeing 777 radome, landed at Sendai Airport


Passenger airplanes have a cover-like object at the tip of the fuselage, which is equipped with several antennas, including a weather radar that detects the presence of clouds ahead.
This is called a nose radome or radome, but it has a sharp shape in consideration of aerodynamics. Not only that, it is also necessary to have strength for the convenience of attaching to the tip, and it is made to be able to transmit radio waves reliably even if it is painted.
Even if the strength of this part is increased, it may be damaged by bird strike or lightning strike.
Therefore, after the radome is replaced and before the maintenance time is secured, a radome with a different paint may be installed.
If available, the same radome for Boeing 767 will be installed. However, in the case of this model, a radome for Boeing 777, which is a common part for 767, is installed.
For this reason, it is very rare that parts with a coating that is one step off are attached.

ANA’s Boeing 767-300, which was replaced with a Boeing 777 radome, landed at Sendai Airport

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