Watari Summer Festival Fireworks Show 2022 | Miyagi Japan


This is a video of the Watari Furusato Summer Festival fireworks Show held on August 15, 2022 at Torinoumi Park in Watari-cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
The Tohoku Future Art Fireworks, which was organized by the Art Fireworks Series in June, was held in an environment where the fireworks could not be seen due to the advection fog, which was especially common in June.
However, at the Watari Furusato Summer Festival fireworks display held on August 15th every year since the earthquake, 7,000 shots fireworks display were launched while many spectators visited.
This year, fireworks will be launched with Music Star Mine (Pyromusical), which synchronizes music and fireworks throughout the whole story, and the width of the fireworks launch will be 400 meters, the largest ever.
After the finale, a message of light was also carried out to express gratitude to Sato Fireworks Co., Ltd., who was in charge of the fireworks launch.
The event started at 15:00 and included a fair, live performances by local musicians, and rice cake throwing.
Before the fireworks are launched, a memorial service is held to honor those who died in the Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.
Due to music copyright issues, the volume of the music was lowered during the recording, but please enjoy the spectacular fireworks that do not fit on the screen.

Watari Summer Festival Fireworks Show 2022

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