New Year Fireworks 2022 with Artistic 12 inch shells in Nagano Japan

第35回 大晦日新春花火 七久保煙友会(長野県飯島町)

This is a video of the New Year’s Eve & New Year fireworks held on January 1, 2022 by the Nanakubo Enyukai in Iijima Town, Nagano Prefecture Japan.
In 2022, the 35th event was held to celebrate the New Year by launching eight beautiful 12-inch shell fireworks in the night sky on New Year’s Eve, named after the Joya no kane.
A powerful firework was launched at the same time in three places that exploded to a size of 320 meters in diameter.
After that, a challenge fireworks shell was launched in which a new pyrotechnician and a veteran pyrotechnician competed to inherit the technology of Alps Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd., which was in charge of this fireworks display.
At the finale, the powerful Big Star Mine was launched at three locations at the same time, hoping for the success and happiness of the Onbashira Festival, overcoming the coronavirus infection that has continued since 2020.

New Year Fireworks 2022 with Artistic 12 inch shells

-12 inch shells Fireworks 8 shots-
0:00 1. Welcome 2022 Celebration to the Tune
0:22 2. Bougainvillea’s colorful flowers
0:43 3. Magic example 1, 2, 3
1:04 4. Dreaming of a glittering aurora
1:25 5. Enchanted costume
1:47 6. Anthology spreading in a dream space
2:09 7. Crystal Rainbow
2:29 8. Ensemble of powder snow and cosmos

-Extra chapter-
2:48 12 inch shells fireworks 3 place Simultaneous launch
3:45 Challenge 12 inch shells Fireworks by Alpus Fireworks
6:10 Finale Fireworks Show

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