Kawazu Sakura Festival Suruga Kijima Tezutsu Hanabi Fireworks 2017 | Shizuoka Prefecture Japan

2017年 河津桜まつり 駿河木嶋手筒組花火実演 | 静岡県河津町

Along with the Kawazu Sakura Festival Kawazu Sakura Night Walk held in Kawazu Town Shizuoka Prefecture Japan on February 24, 2017, the Suruga Kijima Tezutsu Hanabi Fireworks Demonstration started at the Kawazu Cherry blossoms Tourism Exchange Center parking lot. Tedutsu Hanabi is a Japanese traditional fireworks display that is performed by filling a bamboo tube of about 1 meter with gunpowder and holding it by a person. It is said that this is the birthplace of Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, but it is also actively practiced in the Enshu region of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Kawazu Sakura Festival Suruga Kijima Tezutsu Hanabi Fireworks 2017

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  1. 2017年 伊豆・河津桜まつり 夜桜ライトアップ | 静岡県河津町

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  3. 2011年 いわて雪まつり ファンタジー花火|岩手県雫石町 小岩井農場まきば園

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    Takekoma Shrine Donto Festival Hadaka-mairi | Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

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