Omagari All Japan National Fireworks Competition 2017 | Daisen, Akita Japan

2017年 大曲の花火 全国花火競技大会

This is a video of the Omagari All Japan National Fireworks Competition held in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture Japan on August 26, 2017.
Omagari no Hanabi(Omagari Fireworks), which is one of the three major fireworks in Japan along with the Nagaoka Festival and the Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition, is a fireworks competition where pyrotechnist selected from all over the country gather. In addition to the traditional Japanese 12 inch shells fireworks and the Free 12 inch shells fireworks created with free ideas, we will compete for the beauty of fireworks with creation fireworks.
There will also be a daytime fireworks competition where colorful daytime fireworks will be launched using colored smoke instead of light.

Taikai Teikyo Fireworks – Seimei no matsuri(Festival of life)
Taikai Teikyo Fireworks on the theme of “Seimei no matsuri(Festival of life)”, was held at 900 meters wide, which was scaled up than usual.

Special program “Beautiful world” by Nomura Fireworks
Special program is a “beautiful world” theme, Nomura fireworks Co., Ltd., which was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award at the 90th fireworks competition in gave the launch of fireworks.

Grand Prize & Prime Minister’s Award – Nomura Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd.

Opening, total length 700m Niagara with Special Star Mine fireworks

Standard review fireworks by wabiya

Sanen Fireworks

Beniya Aoki Fireworks

Niigata Fireworks Industry

Chikuhoku Kakoh Horigome Fireworks

Special Star Mine Fireworks provided by Takayanagi Co., Ltd. and Yamada Foods Co., Ltd.

Shinsyu Fireworks Industry

Kanno Fireworks

Tabata Fireworks

Yamauchi Fireworks

Yamazaki Fireworks

Special Star Mine provided by Tohoku Electric Power and East Japan Railway Company

Katakai Fireworks Industry

Saiki Fireworks


Large shell fireworks 100 shots with Special Star mine

Special Star mine

North Japan Fireworks

Kikuya Obata Fireworks

Hosoya Enterprise

Ina kakoh Horiuchi Fireworks

Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks

Isogai Fireworks


Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks火

Wakamatsu Fireworks

Shinohara Fireworks

Taiyodo Tamura Fireworks

Day Time Fireworks Competition

Standard review fireworks
Akita Pref. Wabiya

Nagano Pref. Taiyodo Tamura Fireworks

Nagano Pref. Shinohara Fireworks

Miyagi Pref. Wakamatsu Fireworks

Fukuoka Pref. Takada Fireworks

Niigata Pref. Abe Fireworks

Akita Pref. Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks

Yamanashi Pref. Marugo

Aichi Pref. Isogai Fireworks

Tokyo Pref. Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks

Akita Pref. Komatsu Fireworks

Tokyo Pref. Hosoya Enterprise

Nagano Pref. Ina kakoh horiuchi fireworks

Gunma Pref. Kikuya Obata Fireworks

Akita Pref. North Japan Fireworks

Akita Pref. Wabiya

Yamanashi Pref. Saiki Fireworks

Ibaraki Pref. Nomura Fireworks

Niigata Pref. Katakai Fireworks

Ibaraki Pref. Yamazaki Fireworks

Yamanashi Pref. Yamauchi Fireworks

Shizuoka Pref. Tabata Fireworks

Fukushima Pref. Kanno Fireworks

Nagano Pref. Shinsyu Fireworks

Ibaraki Pref. Chikuhoku Kakoh Horigome Fireworks

Niigata Pref. Niigata Fireworks

Nagano Pref. Beniya Aoki Fireworks

Shizuoka Pref. Sanen Fireworks

Day time Fireworks Star mine


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