Akagawa Fireworks Festival 2017 | Tsuruoka, Yamagata japan

2017年 赤川花火大会 | 山形県鶴岡市

This is a video of the 27th Akakawa Fireworks Festival held in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture Japan on August 19, 2017. In 2017, the event was held with about 12,000 fireworks launched under the theme of “Yume, an eternal flower that creates a smile.” There will be a special program to launch fireworks that fill the field of view in time with music, and a design fireworks competition where pyrotechnist selected from all over the country will compete for the beauty of fireworks.

2017 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Ending “Swing”
Ina kakoh Horiuchi fireworks in Nagano Prefecture was in charge of the ending fireworks in 2017 with the theme of “Swing”, and showed off the wide music star mine that develops in a width of 700 meters.

2017 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Citizen Fireworks “Crossover Art Extended”
This fireworks is a remake of the “Crossover Art” presented by Beniya Aoki Fireworks on the final day of the 16th International Symposium on fireworks held in Omagari, Daisen City, Akita Prefecture Japan in April 2017.

2017Dramatic Hanabi “Ghost Matthew and Mysterious Candy”
The show title of Dramatic Hanabi, which controls fireworks by computer control, is “Matthew of the ghost and mysterious candy”, and this year is a story of a little sad and moving ghost Matthew.

Opening Fireworks by marugo
The opening fireworks of the Akakawa Fireworks Festival, which begins with the theme of Yume, is a colorful wide music star mine by marugo Co., Ltd. in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Design Fireworks Contest | COLOR by Andoh Fireworks

Design Fireworks Contest | Satoh Fireworks

Design Fireworks Contest | Blue Story by Okubo Fireworks

Design Fireworks Contest | Flower clock by Wakamatsu Fireworks

Design Fireworks Contest | The Star World by Alpus Fireworks

Design Fireworks Contest | Sky breeze by kanno Fireworks

Design Fireworks Contest | blink by Shinohara Fireworks

Design Fireworks Contest | La La Land by Wabiya

Design Fireworks Contest | Graphic Art by Taiyodo Tamura Fireworks

Design Fireworks Contest | CLEOPATRA by North Japan Fireworks

12 inch shells Design Fireworks Contest
1.Andoh Fireworks

2.Yamauchi Fireworks

3.Ina Kakoh Horiuchi Fireworks

4.Alpus Fireworks

5.Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks

6.Yamazaki Fireworks

7.Isogai Fireworks

8.Saiki Fireworks

9.Taiyodo tamura Fireworks

10.Nitta Fireworks

11.Kikuya Obata Fireworks

12.Beniya Aokiu Fireworks

13.Shinohara Fireworks

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