Oga Sea of Japan Fireworks 2014 (Oga Nihonkai Hanabi) | Oga, Akita Japan

2014年 男鹿日本海花火~星空のウェディング~ | 秋田県男鹿市

This is a video of the Oga Sea of Japan Fireworks ~ Starry Sky Wedding ~ held at OGA Marine Park in Oga City, Akita Prefecture on August 14, 2014.
The Oga Sea of Japan fireworks launched by volunteers who are related to Oga have grown in scale year by year, and now they have launched a total of 10,000 fireworks.
You can enjoy creative fireworks with high originality and story in collaboration with North Japan Fireworks Industry, which has won numerous awards at the Omagari and Tsuchiura National Fireworks Festival, and MC Charlie Hoi.

Finale Fireworks Show

Encore Fireworks

Impressive proposal and fireworks symphony 2014

stage1 Opening Bride and Bride Admission

Stage2 to Stage3 Guest Greetings Cheers Opening Cake Sword

stage4 Entertainment-Song gifts from two people-

2stage5 Recoloring-From Uchikake to Dress-

Stage6 Champagne Tower-Sacred brilliance played by two people-

stage7 Gifts from children-Children with angel wings-

stage8 Table Speech-From two best friends who were looking forward to today’s day-

stage9 Entertainment (Part 2) With you forever, Hymn of love, cosmos

stage10 Fireworks Symphony 2014 Mendelssohn Wedding March

Stage11 Candle Service Oga Woman Fireworks 400m Wide Star Mine

Finale Oga Man Fireworks Namahage Starmine Citizen’s Issue

いいね ! しよう


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