Sakata Fireworks Show 2013 | Sakata City Yamagata Prefecture Japan

打ち上げ幅最大2Km幅 2013年 酒田花火ショー

Sakata fireworks show 2013
Location:Sakata City Yamagata Prefecture Tohoku Japan.
Schedule date: August 3, 2013
Holding time: 19: 30-21: 00
Fireworks Launch Number: 12,000

Sakata Fireworks show 2013 grand finale
Grand Finale(Closing show) of Amazing Scale 2km Wide Star mine fireworks at Sakata Fireworks Show 2013.Among Japanese fireworks festivals, there are not many fireworks festivals blessed with fireworks with a width of 2 km wide, and the launch width is comparable to Phoenix of fireworks at Nagaoka fireworks festival.
And at the Grand Finale of the Sakata fireworks show, three 24 inch fireworks shells that will explode to the size of 480meter in diameter will be launched at the same time.It was very impressive and beautiful fireworks.

Sakata Fireworks show 2013 grand Open
From 2013 Sakata Fireworks Show, Part 1 Grand Open “Founding the Dewa”.The first part, which started with a fireworks launch width of 900 meters and a launch time of ten minutes on a spectacular scale, was held with Large shells star mine fireworks synchronized with music.
The Sakata fireworks show of 2013 entertained with a stunning directing from the opening.

Fireworks Explosion on the Water
From 2013 Sakata fireworks show, this is Star Mine fireworks display in the sky & Large Fireworks shells explosion on the water.
This is beautifully coloring the water surface of the Mogami river, which is a big river in Yamagata Prefecture, with fireworks that flies above the sky and fireworks that explode on the water.The explosion sound of fireworks is deep bass, and there are amazement that can only be experienced here.

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