Akagawa Fireworks Festival 2013 | Yamagata Pref. Japan

2013年 赤川花火大会 翔~感動日本一への挑戦~ | 山形県鶴岡市

Akagawa Fireworks Festival 2013
Venue: Akagawa River (Mikawa Bridge ~ Haguro Bridge) in Tsuruoka City Yamagata Prefecture Tohoku Japan
Schedule date: August 17, 2013
Holding time: 19: 00-21: 00
Fireworks Total number of launches: 12,000

Opening Fireworks-Night sky animation monster
Opening Fireworks-Night sky animation monster at Akagawa fireworks festival 2013 in Japan.This is Music Wide Star Mine fireworks display whose fireworks were synchronized with the fashion monster of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

wide Pyromusical “Discover Hanabi 2013”
This is a fireworks which was launched on a magnificent scale for about 12 minutes.This fireworks will be launched by arranging the pyromusicals exhibited by Beniya Aoki Fireworks in Canada’s Montreal International Fireworks Competition to Akagawa Fireworks festival version.

That day, with usual BAR ~ The story of a man and a woman who swore eternity ~
This is a fireworks created by Isogai Fireworks Co., Ltd. which won the overall at the Omagari All Japan National Fireworks Competition in 2011, ~a story of men and women ~ somewhere in Bar tonight with fireworks arranged for Akagawa Fireworks Festival version.

700 meter wide Pyromusical of Ending Hanabi
Wide Music Star mine fireworks display of a masterpiece to launch fireworks with a wide width of 700m.I was deeply impressed by the production that stops music and launches three 24 inch shells simultaneously.
This time I uploaded the Videos deleted in the past by lowering the volume of music for the reason of copyright.

12 inch shells Design fireworks contest
In the section 10 gou Warimono-hanabi, it is a program to compete with Fireworks manufacturing technology and launch technology by launching two fireworks of artistic fireworks representing Japan.For this, big fireworks called shakudama are used.

Andoh Fireworks (Yamagata)
Kikuya Obata Fireworks(Gunma)
Marutamaya Ogatsu fireworks(Tokyo)
Yamauchi fireworks(Yamanashi)
Nomura Fireworks Industry(Ibaraki)
Shinohanra Fireworks(Nagano)
Alpus Fireworks Industry(Nagano)
Yamazaki Fireworks Manufacturering
Beniya Aoki Fireworks(Nagano)

Two works of 12 inch fireworks shells&Pyromusicals won the Akagawa fireworks festival 2013 Design fireworks contest
12 inch fireworks shells
Nomura Fireworks Industry

Design fireworks(Pyromusical)

Andoh fireworks – Tropical landscape

Satoh fireworks – Dandelion lion

Kanno fireworks – Late summer

Wakamatsu fireworks manufacturering – Saint Seiya ~Star Warriors~

Shinohara fireworks – Fireworks party tonight!

Wabiya – Munch screams to samba dance

Alpus fireworks industry – after the rain

Taiyodo Tamura fireworks – Dansaki Shigure ~Hana no Mai~

Katakai Fireworks Industry – LOVE FIRE Shape of happiness

Marugoh – Paradise of light

いいね ! しよう


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