Nagano Ebisukou Fireworks Festival 2013 | Nagano Prefecture Japan

2013年 長野えびす講煙火大会 ミュージックスターマイン

Venue: Nagano City Nagano Prefecture Koushinetsu Japan.
Schedule date: November 23, 2013
Holding time: 18: 00-20: 00

Music Star mine Fireworks by Beniya Aoki Fireworks

Music Star mine fireworks by Shinsyu fireworks industry

Music Star mine fireworks display(Pyromusical) by Beniya aoki fireworks at Nagano Ebisukou fireworks festival 2013.
At the Nagano Ebisukou fireworks festival held on November 23 every year as the beautiful late autumn fireworks display in Japan, Music Star Mine fireworks display, which synchronized music and fireworks with computer control, is a favorite.In this program, you can enjoy a spectacular fireworks show like a musical, using skillful directing on the sky and the ground and a wide range of sideways.

Saturday Night Feaver
Saturday Night Fever at Nagano Ebisukou Fireworks Festival 2013 in Japan.
This is a program that was newly added this year, fireworks will be launched according to Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive which is the theme song of the American movie “Saturday Night Fever” produced in 1997 and also the disco hit song of the latter part of the 1970s.

All Japan 12 inch shells New Fireworks Contest
All Japan 12 inch shells new fireworks contest at Nagano Ebisukou Fireworks Festival 2013.This is a program to show artistic new fireworks made by Pyrotechnist selected from all over the country in Japan.The creativity and beauty of the fireworks will be judged.
The All Japan 12 inch shells New Fireworks Contest in 2013 was a beautiful fireworks display produced by 15 Japanese fireworks dealers.

Entry No./Timetable/Pyrotechnist

No.1/0:00/Niigata fireworks industry Co.,Ltd.
No.2/0:22/Shinohara fireworks Co.,Ltd.
No.3/0:39/Ikebun Co.,Ltd.
No.4/0:52/Yamauchi fireworks Co.,Ltd
No.5/1:11/Sekijima fireworks factory Co.,Ltd.
No.6/1:22/Kanno fireworks Co.,Ltd.
No.7/1:46/Marutamaya Ogatsu fireworks Co.,Ltd.
No.8/2:08/Taiyoudou Tamura fireworks Co.,Ltd.
No.9/2:24/Oomagari Fireworks Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
No.10/2:40/Chikuhoku Kakoh Horigome fireworks
No.11/2:52/Ina Kakoh Horiuchi fireworks Co.,Ltd.
No.12/3:10/Kikuya Obata fireworks Co.,Ltd.
No.13/3:31/Hosoya Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
No.14/3:55/Oguchi fireworks Co.Ltd
No,15/4:09/Saiki fireworks Co.,Ltd.

mushroom Star mine fireworks display

Star mine fireworks display

いいね ! しよう


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