2012 Oishida Matsuri Mogami River Fireworks Festival | Oishida Town, Yamagata Prefecture Japan

2012年大石田まつり最上川花火大会 20号玉10連発

This is a video of the Oishida Matsuri Fireworks Festival held on August 16, 2012 at the Mogami River Riverbed in Oishida town, Yamagata Prefecture Japan. The festival began to celebrate the completion of the Ohashi bridge over the Mogami River flowing through Oishida-cho, and it began about 90 years ago.
Around 3,000 fireworks, mainly large-sized fireworks such as shakudama and creative fireworks, are launched at the same time as the adult mikoshi and lanterns by young people who turned 20 that year.

24 inch shells fireworks 10 shots
The last of the Oishida Festival is decorated with a 24 inch shells fireworks 10 shots of about 60 cm in diameter rising to an altitude of 500 m and exploding to a size of about 480 m.
The distance from the fireworks launch site to the viewing place is very short, and you can experience the power of the fireworks exploding overhead.

2012 Oishida Matsuri Mogami River Fireworks Festival
Location: Mogami River, Oishida town, Yamagata Prefecture Japan
Date: August 16, 2012
Holding time: 19: 00-21: 00
Launch quantity: 3,000 shots

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