10th Oga Nihonkai Hanabi 2012 -Fireworks Expo-| Oga City, Akita Prefecture Japan

2012年 第10回 男鹿日本海花火~花火大博覧会~ | 秋田県男鹿市

The 10th Oga Nihonkai Hanabi -Fireworks Expo- held at the OGA Marine Park in Oga City, Akita Prefecture Japan on August 14, 2012.
This is a fireworks festival where you can enjoy Theater type fireworks in an L-shape using the terrain of the OGA Marine Park, where 10,000 fireworks will color the summer night sky with MC of Charlie Hoi, who is active in radio DJs.

Finale Namahage Star Mine Simin gou

2012 Oga Nihonkai Hanabi Finale Namahage Star Mine simin gou
The Namahage Star Mine Simin gou is a program that launches fireworks with a width of 400 meters, the largest of the Oga Nihonkai Fireworks programs.
After the finale there will be a surprise Encore fireworks display.

Fireworks Symphony 2012 Synchro Wide Music Star Mine

Fireworks Symphony 2012 Neverland Orchestra
Fireworks Symphony 2012 Synchro Wide Music Star Mine is a program that launches magnificent fireworks with fireworks and music synchronized with the theme title Neverland Orchestra.

10th Oga Nihonkai Hanabi
Location: OGA Marine Park, Oga City, Akita Prefecture Japan
Date: August 14, 2012
Holding time: 19: 30 ~ 21: 00
Fireworks launch quantity: 10,000 shots
Pyrotechnist:North Japan Fireworks

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