Christmas lights event of SENDAI pageant of starlight 2012 | Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture Japan

SENDAI 光のページェント2012

Christmas lights event of SENDAI pageant of starlight was held on Jozenji-dori in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Tohoku japan, and it celebrated its 27th anniversary.
In 2012, 600,000 illuminations will be decorated from December 7 to December 31 on New Year’s Eve under the theme of Be smile-Let’s walk upwards in hope of revival from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
At Kotodai Park, fantastic and colorful illuminations were held at places other than the main venue, such as the Symbol Tree and Santa Claus Park, which are the largest in Japan, about 30m in length.
Other exciting events, such as outdoor skating rinks and food stalls, will open until December 25.

SENDAI pageant of starlight 2012

SENDAI pageant of starlight
Venue: Jozenji Streat&Koutoudai Park in Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture Tohoku Japan
Schedule: 7th December – 31st December 2012
Holding time: 17: 30 ~ 22: 00 (31st only until 23:00)

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