Akagawa Fireworks Festival 2012 | Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture Japan

2012年 赤川花火大会 飛躍の扉 ~明るい未来へ天空からのメッセージ~ | 山形県鶴岡市

This is a video of the 22nd Akagawa Fireworks Festival held on August 10, 2012 at the Akagawa Riverbed in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture Japan.
In the 22nd event, about 12,000 fireworks were launched under the theme of The Door of Leap-A Message from the Sky to a Bright Future.


2012 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Opening by Marugoh
This is the opening fireworks by Marugoh in ichiKawamisato town, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Fireworks were launched in tandem with Superfly’s Tamashii Revolution.

Love letter fireworks

2012 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Love Letter hanabi [Love and Bond] by Wabiya
The Love Letter Fireworks, which was designed as a special program for 2012 only, was launched with the theme of [Love and Bond] in line with Masaharu Fukuyama’s [Let’s Become a Family].

Citizen fireworks

2012 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Citizen’s Fireworks [Symphony of Fire: A Message for the Future]
This is a program that launches fireworks through citizen donations. In 2012, Ina kakoh horiuchi fireworks in Nagano Prefecture was in charge of the theme of [Symphony of Fire: A Message for the Future].
The program was as epic as the ending fireworks.


2012 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Ending by Nomura Fireworks Industry
Fireworks master Nomura Fireworks Industry of Ibaraki Prefecture is in charge of this fireworks.
This program consists of a 700 meter wide pyromusical that launches fireworks in time with music.
Fireworks are often difficult to see due to the accumulation of smoke.
However, it was a beautiful fireworks that displayed the last of the 22nd Akakawa Fireworks Festival.

Design Fireworks Contest 12 inch shells fireworks section

Design Fireworks Contest 12 inch shells fireworks section


1.Andoh fireworks
2.Marutamaya Ogatsu fireworks
4.Nitta fireworks
5.Taiyodo tamura fireworks
6.Yamauchi fireworks
7.Kitanihon fireworks Industry
8.Alpus fireworks Industry
9.Nomura fireworks industry
10.Shinohara fireworks
11.Kikuya Obata fireworks
12.Ina kakoh horiuchi fireworks
13.Yamazaki fireworks manufacturing
14.Beniya aoki fireworks

The 22nd Akagawa Fireworks Festival
Date: August 10, 2012
Holding time: 19: 15 ~ 21: 00
Launch quantity: 13,000 shots

Camera x Travel Blog Akakawa Fireworks Festival-Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

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