106th Nagano Ebisukou fireworks festival 2011 | Nagano City Nagano Prefecture Japan

2011年 長野えびす講花火大会 ミュージックスターマイン 信州煙火工業㈱

Here is a video of the 106th Nagano Ebisukou fireworks festival held on November 23, 2011 in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture Japan.About 7,500 fireworks are launched every year at the fireworks festival on November 23, including the All Japan 12 inch shells new Fireworks Contest and the Star Mine fireworks display.
Music Star Mine fireworks display(pyromusical), which synchronizes music and fireworks by computer control, is the highlight of this fireworks display.


Music Star mine fireworks display(pyromusical) by Shisyu fireworks industry
It is a music star mine fireworks display by Shinsyu fireworks Industry where fireworks were launched according to the theme of Rocky.


Music Star mine fireworks display(pyromusical) by Beniya Aokli fireworks
It is a music star mine by Beniya Aoki fireworks with wonderful aggressive production.


Size 8 shells 100 shots super eide star mine fireworks display
This is a wide star mine with music performed up to 800 meters in width according to Ayaka Hirahara’s Ohisama.


All Japan 12 inch shells new fireworks contest
It is a competition to show off new artistic fireworks by 20 fireworks companies selected from all over the country.

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