2010 20th Akagawa fireworks Memorial Festival – passion fireworks ~ | Tsuruoka City Yamagata Prefecture Japan

2010年 第20回 赤川花火記念大会 ~情熱花火~|山形県鶴岡市

2010 20th Akagawa fireworks Memorial Festival – passion fireworks ~
Date: August 8, 2010 19: 15 ~ 21: 00
Location:Akagawa Riverside Special Venue in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture Japan
Organizer: Akakawa Fireworks Festival Executive Committee
Official website:Akagawa Fireworks Festival

2010 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Musical Wide by Satoh Fireworks
It is “Eternal Star Shadow” by Sato Fireworks from Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.

2010 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Opening Fireworks by Taiyodo tamura fireworks
The opening fireworks by Taiyo Tamura Himeten Co., Ltd. launched a beautiful wide music star mine fireworks display in line with the namida of FUNKY MONKEY BABYS.

2010 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Citizen Fireworks by Marugoh
The 2010 Akakawa Fireworks Citizen’s Fireworks is a 20th anniversary special version by marugoh. Launch a wide music star mine in line with Superfly’s Dancing on the Fire.

2010 Akakawa Fireworks Festival Impressive 24 inch fireworks shells revival & ending fireworks
The 24 inch fireworks shell that have been suspended for several years have revived at the 20th Anniversary Akakawa Fireworks Festival.It is a fireworks where the efforts of the organizers, the understanding and cooperation of the landowners, and all the strengths have paid off.

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