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大曲の花火 冬の章 大玉 虹色のグラデーション

Omagari Fireworks Winter Chapter New Concept Fireworks Collection held at the Omagari Family Ski Resort in Omagari, Daisen City, Akita Prefecture Japan every year in late March. The New Concept Fireworks Collection is a competition that serves as a presentation to select young fireworks artists (fireworks masters) from all over the country and compete for high originality and creativity. It is carried out as part of the four seasons fireworks business, taking advantage of the brand power of the Omagari all japan National Fireworks Competition, one of the three largest fireworks in Japan.

Omagari Fireworks Winter Chapter New concept Fireworks Collection

Overview of the new concept fireworks collection

大曲の花火 冬の章 新作花火コレクション 競技花火

The Omagari Family Ski Resort holds the New Concept Fireworks Collection held at the end of March every year as the Omagari Fireworks Winter Chapter.The new Concept fireworks collection consists of small and unique fireworks produced by young fireworks artists (pyrotechnist) selected from across the country, each consisting of Size 4 shells 10 shot and size 5 shells 5 shot in one theme. Fireworks will be launched with the content and the fireworks competition will be held.

Large shells fireworks competition

大曲の花火 冬の章 大玉 虹色のグラデーション
Between competitions, there will be a large shells fireworks competition in which size 7 shells fireworks produced by fireworks artists selected from across the country are launched one by one. The Size 7 shells is a large fireworks that blooms to a size of 220m in the night sky when a 21cm diameter firework ball is launched.
This is a firework that is not subject to competition screening, but it is a program where fireworks with high artistry are launched one after another.

新作花火コレクション フィナーレワイドスターマイン

In addition, message fireworks (private fireworks) that convey thoughts and gratitude, INTERVAL HANABI composed of wide star mine with music, and finale fireworks are held.

It is a must-see winter fireworks for mania from the opening to the last.
The fireworks are beautiful, but it is very cold because it takes place at the ski area. It is better to wear winter clothes than necessary.

New Concept Fireworks Collection Related Videos

Video: 2015 New Concept Fireworks Collection / Shigeo Iida
This is the competition fireworks by Size 4 shells 10 shots Size 5 shells 5 shots.

video : 2015 New Concept Fireworks Collection INTERVAL HANABI PART1
競技の合間に打ち上げられるミュージック スターマインで、合計で3回打ち上げられます。

video : 2015 New Concept Fireworks Collection Large shells fireworks competition

Video: 2015 New Concept Fireworks Collection FINALE HANABI
You can watch other videos from the links below.


Yuki tsurara by Katoh fireworks

Restart by Kikuya Obata Fireworks

Moon phases by Satoh fireworks

Shinobi~Techniques for shadows~ by Wabiya


Large shells fireworks collection PART2

Ore shine by Abe Fireworks Industry

Sparkle of Flash flower Spring Gospel by Hosoya Enterprises

Snow Fantasy by Kanbe Fireworks Factory

The heat haze of flame-a paranormal phenomenon drawn by flame- by Ina Kakoh horiuchi fireworks

Jewel illumination by Hikariya kubota fireworks factory

Canola flower’s Yellow carpet by Fireart Kanagawa


Large shells fireworks collection PART3

Small wave (ripple of light) by Usui fireworks

Arabesque peonies by Andoh fireworks

irregular star From weak points to charm points

Shrimp dance Konke Kanda fireworks Industry

flower’s Banquet by Wakino Art Factory

Edo-mae Sushi by Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks


Large shells fireworks collection PART4

Mobiles start moving by Marugoh

Invited by Flower light by murase fireworks

Echigo’s hidden treasure~Shine of five colors~ by Katakai fireworks industry

Hydrangea blooming here by Kakinoki fireworks industry

Master donut Omagari Shop by Wakamatsu fireworks manufacturering



競技花火 No.1~No.8

競技花火 No.9~No.16


Schedule and location information

Location Tohoku Region/Omagari Family ski resort in Daisen city Akita Prefecture Japan
Schedule March every year
Start time 18:30~
Maximum shell size Size 7 shells
Parking Free
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