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福島県の名桜-三春滝桜 樹齢1000年のベニシダレザクラ

Miharu Takizakura is a famous cherry tree in Miharu Town, Tamura-gun, Fukushima Prefecture Japan, which is counted as one of the three largest cherry blossoms in Japan and the five largest cherry blossoms in Japan. It is named Takizakura because it blooms like a falling waterfall, with a giant tree Benicidare-zakura (red weeping cherry) with a tree height of over 13.5 m and an estimated roots of 11.3 m. This tree is designated as a national natural monument and one of the New Japan 100 best trees.

A 1000 year old cherry blossoms Miharu Takizakura

Overview of Miharu takizakura

福島県のお花見スポット-日本三大桜 三春滝桜
The 1000-year-old Miharu Takizakura in Miharu-machi, Tamura-gun, Fukushima Prefecture is a famous tree of the Edhigan Benicidarezakura (Red Weeping Cherry) that has been selected as one of the five largest cherry blossoms in Japan and one of the Three largest cherry blossoms in Japan. This has a tree height of 13.5m and a root circumference of 11.3m.
The cherry blossoms have been designated as National Natural Monuments and 100 New Japan Famous trees, and weeping cherry trees in Miharu Town, including Takizakura, have been selected as 100 Cherry Blossom Places in Japan.
The branch that is the highlight of Miharu Takizakura is about 25m in a wide area, and it seems that it is named Takizakura because it blooms like a waterfall from that branch.From the appearance of blooming flowers that flow down from the branches of a giant tree, you can feel the beauty and artistic beauty of Japan, such as ink painting, and even a long history that can be described as a masterpiece. There is also a night cherry blossom illumination at night, so you can see a fantastic figure that is different from the Miharu takizakura seen in the daytime.

Japan’s three largest cherry blossoms and Japan’s five largest cherry blossoms

The three largest cherry blossoms in Japan have been designated as national natural monuments, and are all famous cherry trees that are over 1000 years old.

Japan’s three largest cherry blossom Location Age of a tree Size
Miharu-takizakura Miharu town Fukushima prefecture 1000 years old (estimated) Tree height 13.5m, tree thickness 11.3m, branch width 25m
Yamataka-jindai-zakura Takekawa town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture 2000 years old (estimated) Tree height 10.3m, tree thickness 11.8m, branch width 17.3m
Neodani-usuzumi-zakura Motosu City, Gifu Prefecture 1500 years old (estimated) Tree height 16m、tree thickness 9.9m、branch width 26.9m

こThese three are called the three largest cherry blossoms in Japan, but the sum of two cherry blossoms less than 1000 years old is called the five largest cherry blossoms in Japan.

Japan’s three largest cherry blossom Location Age of a tree Size
ishito-kabazakura Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture 800 years old (estimated) Tree height 12m、tree thickness 7.2m
kariyado no gebazakura Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture 830 years old (estimated) Tree height35m、tree thickness 8.48m、branch width 22m

I would like to see all these famous trees with my own eyes.

Transportation to Miharu takizakura

To see Miharu Takizakura, you need to go by car or use a temporary bus departing from Miharu Station. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, it may take more than an hour to enter the parking lot, so it seems safer to go early in the morning or use a temporary bus from Miharu Station on the JR Banetsu tousen Line.
In addition, if you park at Miharucho Sports Park, which is an official temporary parking lot, you can also take a shuttle bus to and from Miharu Takizakura. Since the shuttle bus operates a dedicated route, it seemed to be able to go to Takizakura smoothly without taking time.

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Beautiful spring scenery Cherry blossom spot in Fukushima Prefecture Miharu Takizakura
2012 was the year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, but there were many tourists from all over the country.

Traffic access fee information

Location Tohoku Region / Miharu-cho, Tamura-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
period April 14-April 22, 2018 (light-up period)
Admission fee 300 yen (free for junior high school students and younger / 6: 00-20: 30)
Parking (Free / Takizakura Parking Lot 850: Miharu Town Sports Park)
Traffic access Banetsu Expressway Funabiki Miharu IC 20 minutes / Koriyama East 30 minutes
Get off at JR Banetsu Tousen Line Miharu Station / Temporary Bus Takizakura
There is shuttle bus service from temporary parking lot at Miharucho Sports Park
Map code 300 840 492*50
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