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Hanamiyama Park in the watari district of Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture Japan, is one of the famous flower spots in Fukushima Prefecture.The Hanamiyama Park area is full of flowers such as Tokai-zakura, plums, peaches, Yoshino cherry, forsythia, boke, sanshuyu, magnolia, etc.
The beautiful scenery is as beautiful as the Japanese photographer Shotaro Akiyama said There is Togenkyo in Fukushima.

Fukushima’s utopia Hanamiyama Park

Overview of Hanamiyama Park

福島県福島市のお花見スポット 花見山公園
Hanamiyama Park in the Tori district of Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, is known as a tourist attraction that has become very famous for its catchphrase “There is utopia in Fukushima”.Originally, this is a private land opened by a flower gardener who grows flowers for cut flowers.
Tourists came here to see beautiful flowers from around 1950, after the end of World War II. The Flower producers named Hanamiyama Park in 1959 and opened it free of charge in an effort to cheer up those who suffered from the war.
Around 1975, photographer Shotaro Akiyama frequently visited Hanamiyama Park and introduced it in various places, acclaiming that “Fukushima has Togenkyo”, so the beauty of Hanamiyama Park has become known nationwide. During the cherry blossom season in April, the colorful flowers cultivated for cut flowers bloom to cover the entire mountain.

Scenery of flowers seen at Hanamiyama Park

福島県福島市のお花見スポット 花見山公園
Hanamiyama Park has three courses: a 30-minute course, a 45-minute course, and a 60-minute course.
You may feel a little painful for those with weak legs, but you can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole Hanamiyama Park, Fukushima city area, and the Azuma mountain range from a high ground.

福島県福島市のお花見スポット 花見山公園
The scenery of Hanamiyama Park seems to change every year depending on the cultivated varieties. It is up to the producer to see what the next year will look like.

福島県福島市のお花見スポット 花見山公園
The Hanamiyama viewing course is a long distance away, so there are only a few places that are crowded, such as bus stops and shops.

This is a Hanamiyama Park walking course, which is a famous spot for sightseeing. This was an early part of the walking course, so it was very popular with tourists.

Manor violation is prohibited

Hanamiyama Park is a private property, so do not enter the fields you are growing without permission. The number of places that can be viewed may be reduced, or the number of places where entry is prohibited may increase.

Hanamiyama Park Related Videos

[4K] Beautiful scenery of Japan Togenkyo in Fukushima Hanamiyama Park
It is Hanamiyama Park taken in 2016.The weather was nice and I enjoyed the cherry blossom viewing.In this video, all the routes are photographed so that the whole scenery of Hanamiyama Park can be enjoyed.

2013 Togenkyo Hanamiyama Park in Fukushima

2012 Togenkyo Hanamiyama Park in Fukushima

Access and parking information for Hanamiyama Park

Location Tohoku region / Watari, Fukushima city Fukushima Prefecture Japan
Time Not available from midnight to early morning
Parking Abukuma Water Park 1,000
Watari Ground(Priority parking for people with reduced mobility) 97
Watari multipurpose ground(Sightseeing bus parking)37
Traffic access Get off at JR Fukushima Station
Temporary bus “Hanamiyamago” (Fukushima Station-Bus temporary parking lot) Roundtrip 500 yen
Shuttle bus (My car temporary parking lot-Hanamiyama) 500 yen
Route bus “Watari south area”
Map code 475 269 239*75
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