Performance of digital SLR camera Nikon D7500


Nikon DX format digital SLR camera D7500

Nikon D7500, the same image sensor as D500

The D7500 is a middle-class SLR camera equipped with a DX format (APS-C size) low-pass filterless effective 20.88 million pixel CMOS image sensor and the latest image processing engine “EXPEED5”. This camera uses the same image sensor and image processing engine as the Nikon DX format flagship model D500. I think that this is a function omitted version of D500 rather than the successor of the old model D7200. Although there is a difference of 80,000 yen between these two cameras, there is not much influence on the picture.

The clear blue sky expressed by the D7500 is beautiful

After shooting for 10 years with various cameras such as Canon and Sony, I thought the D7500 color was the most beautiful.
Especially, ANA’s Triton Blue and the blue sky, which are faithfully reproduced, are wonderful, so the color balance seems to be very good.

Shooting with the D7500 using a PL filter

ブルーインパルスの展示飛行 デルタループ
I filmed the training over the Matsushima base performed by Blue Impulse. The sun is on the right side of the photo, but the blue depth is further increased by using a PL filter, and the smoke emitted by T-4 looks beautiful.
This photo is edited with Adobe lightroom, but it produces a beautiful color without touching the HSL slider.

Amazing expression to reproduce the sunset

I photographed the plane landing and the approach light in the evening at Sendai Airport.
This is the photo I thought the Nikon D7500 was a great camera.I think the expressive power of the orange clouds and aircraft illuminated by the setting sun is really beautiful.
This photo was taken in RAW so I edited it with Adobe Lightroom

Take beautiful pictures even in backlit scenes

仙台うみの杜水族館 イルカ・アシカのパフォーマンス
This is a jump scene of a dolphin & sea lion performance (dolphin show) taken at Sendai Umi no mori Aquarium.
Even under adverse conditions of backlighting, even the splash of water has been reproduced, and the texture of the dolphin skin that appears to be black is reproduced. This is because Nikon RAW data still has a lot of dark data, so it is very strong against blackout.
This is thanks to the wonderful dynamic range of 14stop over, and no noise is generated even if the ISO sensitivity is set to 320.

It’s okay to process photos in a Lassen style

This camera data can withstand excessive color correction

Nikon D7500 is also great for shooting in the dark

Although it is dark place shooting with ISO 100, there is still a lot of dark data, so it is safe to raise the black level with Adobe Lightroom

The Nikon D7500 can also be used for portrait photography.

やくらいファミリースキー場 ソリ遊び
Although I hear that Nikon cameras are not suitable for portrait photography, the D7500 seems to be fine because the skin color is beautifully reproduced.

Video shooting performance

This is a 4K video shot with Nikon D7500.
It is not only 1.5 times that of APS-C, but also 1.5 times more cropping, so it is not good at wide angle. In telephoto, even 300mm lens is 675mm in 35mm equivalent, so it is recommended.
The reproducibility of the color is as great as the photo, but the color space is sRGB, so you should think that the color gamut is equivalent to Rec.709.

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